Difference in how the project team would be managed in an Agile vs. a traditional project

Agile project leaders lead teams while traditional project managers manage the task. In a traditional project environment, the project manager focus is on managing tasks for the team. The PM duties are calculating the effort and duration that it will take to complete tasks and deliver on time. This notion is programmed in the of this leader based on their experience and project management core element (Cost, Time and resources) but the agile project management focuses on team management and the most important things in order achieve agreed outcome and value.
In an agile project, there is a balance between managing the project and leading the team. Agile leadership can be defined as leadership-collaboration style. Unlike the traditional project managers who are fixated on processes, procedures, and control. The leadership-collaboration style empowers APM team to adapt quickly and to pace of changes in their environment. The agile fraternity gives adequate support to her members and teams are expected to be self-organized, self-discipline, respect and competency.

In traditional project management, project managers establish the project objectives, milestones, rules and boundaries for the team. The project manager is seen as the ‘boss’, mediate conflict, and chairs meeting and make sure project goals are delivered on time and on budget. Whereas the agile team leaders manage self-organizing and self-disciplined teams. Agile leaders communicate project goals and objectives, the product vision, key capabilities, and constraints, and then encourage team member to take ownership through empowerment. Agile team members are not leaderless, the team is charged with responsibility and accountability. Finally, agile project management encourages collaborative efforts in order to achieve quality results.


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